Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Look at us!

"We picked up some hail," said Otiia.

"We got in the head with hail," said Manaahi.

"We were in the hail," said Azarlia.

"We were playing in the hail," said Lyric.

"We were running in the hail," said Te Kora.

"It was cold," said Halo.

"It was fun," said Manea.

"It was very awesome to play in," said Senny.

"Some people were eating the hail," said Haami.

"They ate the hail from the sky," said Mahia.

"The clouds were not grey so it was weird for it to hail," said Jesse.

"It was fun to play with everyone in the hail," said Aria.

"I liked when we walked outside and picked up all the hail," said Xanthe.

"Everyone one was having fun," said Tomasi.

"I liked catching it in my hat," said Laekyn.

"One hail fell in my mouth," said Pouākai.

"It was funny when everyone started to throw the hail and it stuck to my cardigan," said Whaea Hannah.

1 comment:

  1. This was so much fun today! It is very weird that it is shining outside now.