Monday, 28 May 2018

Dear Matua Mikaere...

"Dear Matua Mikaere, thank you for the pakiwaitara. I love your pakiwaitara," love Azarlia.

"Dear Matua Mikaere, we love your pakiwaitara. They teach us Māori," said Manea.

"I love your stories because it is important," said Lyric. 

"I like the pakiwaitara and I like the stories," like Halo.

"I like your pakiwaitara," from Kotuku-Rose.

"We like the Māori stories because they are awesome," said Manaahi.

"Dear Matua Mikaere, I love you pakiwaitara because they sound cool. I like them because they make me learn more from a long time ago," said Haami.

"I like the stories because they are interesting," said Pouākai.

"Dear Matua Mikaere, your stories are amazing. Your stories are interesting," said Jesse.

"Dear Matua Mikaere, I like your pakiwaitara," said Aria.

"Dear Matua Mikaere, I love, love, LOVE your stories because they make sense," said Xanthe.

"I like to learn about Maui,'" said Laekyn.

"We like your stories because they are fun," said Senny.

"I like his stories," said Te Kora.Image result for old person telling a story cartoon

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