Thursday, 1 February 2018

Expectations and a few new things...

Kia ora e te whānau,

WOW! This week has been amazing with seeing everyone again after the long break! We are looking forward to spending this year with you all.

Just to recap on a few things, since it's the start of the year:

1) In terms one and four tamariki need a hat everyday to be able to play outside at break times at during fitness sessions.
2) We are a water only school. Please, no flavoured milk or juice.
3) Please ensure all items of clothing of tamariki are clearly named, especially during swimming terms.
4) Correct uniform for all tamariki to be worn as per the information booklet on the school website. Please, no hair accessories other than school coloured ones. A special taonga around the neck and small earrings can be worn.
5) If you receive a pink notice that means it MUST be returned to school.

Tamariki often have various things to bring home (notices, reading books, word cards, etc.). ALL tamariki are required to have a reading folder in TTRR this year to ensure that reading books and notices are being taken home and kept safe.

Righto... Now that that's out of the way here are some exciting new things going on in Te Tikanga Rua Reo this year:

Mainly, it's the implementation of Class Dojo. Class Dojo is an online system that allows tamariki to be given points based on skills that we see them using, which are mainly based on our school values. It is also a way for us to share some cool mahi that your tamariki/tamaiti are doing at school. We can also send messages out about things when needed. Your tamaiti has been sent home with an access code that you can use to connect with our unit on the app. If you have not yet connected yourself, please do so that you can track how your tamaiti is doing.

The other one is... We are trying to reduce our waste in Te Tikanga Rua Reo and would love to move towards rubbish free lunch boxes. We spent a while learning about sustainability and waste management last year and would love to continue working on these skills this year. Every morning each tamaiti will choose 2 things for morning tea, unwrap them if needed, and put them on a plate. There are two reasons for this; 1) to reduce the amount of rubbish being taken out into the playground as it is often dropped or falls out of a pocket or rubbish bin; 2) to ensure tamariki eat an appropriate amount of food at morning tea to prepare them for the next learning block.

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