Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Māori kaupapa for Te Oreorenga rōpu

Kia ora whānau.  This week in Whaea Hannah's rōpu we are looking at learning how to ask what something is and how to respond.

"He aha tēnei?" means "what is this?".  Tēnei is the kupu for "this", and aha is the question word for "what".

To respond we replace the question word (aha) with the name of the thing.  For example...

He aha tēnei? (What is this?) 
He pōtae tēnei. (This is a hat)

Here is another example that we have learnt in class.
He aha tēnei? (What is this?)
He kūaha tēnei. (This is a door)

You can help your tamaiti at home learn this by using "he aha tēnei" around the house with many house hold items.  The aim is for our tamariki to kōrero Māori so the more encouragement they have from kura and home the better!  

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