Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Every Friday in Tipu we get to do discovery with Ngā Kiwi and some of Tui hub.  It is all about play based learning centered around our school values.  The Ngā Kiwi team are awesome of thinking of cool and interesting ways to get involved with our values.  Last Friday we were looking at what it's like to have FUN and use our imagination to have fun.  There were so many cool activities like dress ups, an imagination station room, hula hoops and balls on the court, but the most popular by far was the bubble station.  We had lots of equipment to blow bubbles with and have fun.

One of the ways we decided to use "fun" at the bubble station was to create a big bunch of bubbles by putting our bubble blower straw into the bubble mix and blow hard to make bubbles come up.  Have a look at some tamariki having FUN with bubbles!

Azarlia with a Santa beard made out of bubbles.

Otiia got some bubbles in her mouth - yucky!

Manea loves making lots of bubbles!

Look!  Another Santa bubble beard.  Must be the fashion.

Part of the bubble blowing process.

Xanthe having heaps of fun!

Mikaere came up with this idea.  Tion pai tō whakaaro, e hoa!

Rawe, Kieran!

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