Monday, 27 February 2017

Te kaupapa mō te reo Māori i tēnei wiki

Ata mārie whānau.  In both Whaea Hannah and Whaea Cha's rōpū for te reo Māori this week we are looking at how to say where something is.  

We are using kupu like:
Kei roto (inside)
Kei waho (outside)
Kei runga (on top)
Kei raro (under) 
Kei mua (in front)
Kei muri (behind)

If you would like to ask where something is you can use this sentence: Kei hea te kau?  Where is the cow?  And to respond you replace "hea" (which is the word to make it a question) with one of the kupu above.  For example, kei roto te kau which means the cow is on top.

In Whaea Hannah's rōpū we will extend ourselves to say things like: kei raro te kau i te tēpu (the cow is under the table).  

You can help at home by playing a game where one of you says the kupu above and the other does the action associated with it.  

Have fun!  

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Community Picnic

As a kura we are having a community picnic on Monday next week.  We would love to see you and your whānau here.  There will be a time to share kai and time to come and talk to Whaea Hannah and Whaea Cha as well.  It is always a good time to meet with other whānau in the kura and what better way than over kai.


Tēnā koutou e hoa mā!

Kia ora whānau.  Whaea Cha and Whaea Hannah are excited to be with your tamariki and whānau this year.

On this blog you will find events, both school wide and from TTRR, our learning success, and upcoming must-knows.  This is also a space to celebrate the learning of each child and the milestones that they accomplish.  We will aim to update this blog weekly so keep your eyes peeled!  Please feel free to comment on any posts that are made as we will endeavor to review our blog as Rea and Tipu throughout the term.

Ka mau te wehi!